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                                               Rich Internet Applications for IBM i





powerEXT Framework(*) is an Open Source based middleware and Application Framework, that enables IBM Power System i (IBM AS/400, IBM iSeries) users to embrace these new technologies by evoking the worlds most sofisticated WEB 2.0 Rich Internet userinterface for enterprise systems - Ext JS from Sencha.





powerEXT Core is an API with a large number of subprocedures that amoung other enhanches CGIDEV2, HTTPAPI and FTPAPI with XML & JSON support. 



powerEXT X/EDI is a XML based lightweight format of the X12 and UN/EDIFACT standard that can be converted without mapping and inhouse files. X/EDI is a plugin to the framework.






(*) powerEXT is licensed under GNU GPL v3 Open Source license.



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